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Jon McGhee's Photography

Hi, and welcome to my photography site.

I've taken many photos from around the UK and Europe, so I think you should be able to find something in my pages that you will like.

My photos range from landscapes to insects. I've never had the urge to focus on one type of photograph.

Just click on the catagory that takes your interest and enjoy your browse. Please be aware that after you select an image icon, the full photo will take a while to load as these are of a higher quality than the small icons.

If you'd like to purchase any of my photos feel free to click on my Email link.



On my landscape page you'll find many photos of the places where I was lucky enough to capture some beautiful images.


I've found some old, some lovely and some strange structures in my travels. Why not have a look at a few.


I've managed to find old and memory provoking images of old transport of all types. Click here and have a gander.


Sometimes there are things going on that you would normally miss, unless you have a real close look. Jump in and have a look for yourself.


I've photographed some people who just need to be in here. For all sorts of reasons.


Nature and it's many forms amazes me everytime I look. Hopefully I've catured some that will interest you.

Still Life

While out strolling we miss so much. Sometimes it just takes a second to stop and see.

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